About Jane K. Larrabee

Putting the right legal tools in place for you and your family is about so much more than complex jargon and signing on the dotted line.  It’s about telling your own storygetting clear about who and what is important to you and making informed choices.

My name is Jane Larrabee. I am an estate planning attorney in Tucson, Arizona.  I’ve been helping families and individuals create support systems for difficult lifetime events like death and disability for over 15 years.  It’s my mission to make the legal process simple, comfortable and effective for you.

Before earning my Juris Doctor and Masters of Law degrees from the Universities of Arizona and Washington, I worked in a franchise training program in the private sector. Seeing my entrepreneurial-minded students—who were all accomplished adults—risk their life savings in many cases to start their own family business really underscored the importance of effective, appropriate legal tools.  That’s why I practice law a little differently – we collaborate and by way of conversation we discover what is most important to you.  By getting to know you, I’m better equipped to create legal documents (tools) to truly serve your needs.  Win-win.

When we work together, I’ll discover what resonates within your story about what you want to protect and support. From our conversation, I will deduce where the frayed edges and weak strands in your life tapestry are.  Together we will address potential risks and review choices you likely may not have known were even possible. I will make every effort to inform and educate. That way you can make the best possible choice now based on a positive vision for what you want to have happen when difficulties arise.

Many clients have said this work is one of love. You make these plans because you love someone.  To this I add, it is also about respecting and taking care of yourself. So many others depend on you. By taking care of yourself, they are helped, too.

You will take away a tool set to help you steadily navigate life’s turbulence— not just end up wherever the storm chases you.